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"Stained glass is a timeless source of aesthetic and emotional delight. The transmission of light through glass creates an ever changing interplay of color and texture, which transforms a space with delightful images."

Ken Patzoldt and Jo Manbeck have offered original art glass from their collaborative studio for the past 40 years. They apply their distinctive style to every project, creating a wide range of design concepts depending upon historical context, structural influence, or contemporary statements...... always striving for balance and harmony between form and function.

Specializing in commercial and residential commissions, they also produce limited editions, architectural installations, and a broad gift line.

Please contact them by e-mail or phone for selections, quotes, or timelines.

It is our desire and intent to manipulate glass, wood, metal, and stone into soulful objects that fulfill individual and collective visions. - Timberwind Glass


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